Launch of two big projects in Takhar University that worth AFN 50,000,000 fifty million

Launch of two large projects worth over AFN 50,000,000 at Takhar University

The Prime Minister of Finance and Adminstration of the MoHE Ahmad Seyar Mahjoor, Director of Planning Department of MoHE with Takhar Province Governor Dr. Fazlullah Mujaddedi, The security authorities, Chairman of Provincial Council, Chancellor of Badakhshan University, Chancellor of Takhar University laid the foundation stone of female students dormitory and start of work on the establishment of ICT center by cutting off the tape.
It is noteworthy that the total cost of these two projects will exceed  AFN 50 million, which will be funded by the World Bank Supported by the HEDP.
The program will include the construction of a Girls Dormitory building and the creation of ICT Center, which will be constructed in a modern way.