Biography of TU's Chancellor


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Biography of TU's  Chancellor,  Associate Professor Khairuddin Khairkhah


Prof. Khairuddin Khairkhah was born in 1980 at Chichka (Tela jat) village, Dasht-e-Qala District, Takhar Province in a poor and farmer family, when he was 12 years old he memorized the Holy Quran within 18 months.

He has completed the secondary education at Darul-Uloom Rahmania, which is located in Qoroq Village, Khaja Ghar District, Takhar Province.

He attended the Kankoor Examination and he passed to Faculty of Psychology at Kabul University, and he graduated from UG Degree with excellent Grade. Later he became faculty member of the Psychology Faculty.

He got a scholarship to do his PG program in Republic of China, and successfully completed his Masters’ Degree within two years.

In 2015 he participated in a competitive examination and he was selected as Head of Peace & Conflict Studies of National Research Policy Center.

He managed many project on Human Rights, Peace Making, and Civil Society. Beside of this he attended four Global Conference to Nepal, China and Turkey countries.

He has written six volume of books, and published more than 12 articles at national and international journals.

On early 2016 he was assigned as Dean of Psychology and Educational Sciences Faculty of Kabul University by authority and President of the Country.

On 19.06.2017 he was hired as Chancellor of Takhar University by recommendation of Ministry of Higher Education and Command of President.

He is familiar with Uzbek, Pashto, Persian, English, Arabic and Chinese Languages.