Welcome to Takhar University

Background and current circumstances of Takhar University

Takhar University was established in Peshawar-Pakistan by the name Abdullah Abny Massoud and it was transfered to Toloqan city in 1373. By the year 1374 it was registered in the Ministry of Higher Education and in the same year it started its academic activities, establishing two faculties (law and agriculture).

As any other universities in Afghanistan Takhar University was closed for students the during Taliban era. Takhar University restarted its activities containing four faculties (law, literature, agriculture and education) after the establishment of Temporary government in Afghanistan in 1381. It was transfered to its new building which is located in Wortabuz (an erea 5KMs west of Toloqan City) in the month of Hoot - 1378. By the begaining of 1388 it started its academic and administrative activities in two buildings (law faculties administrative and teaching buildings) and engineering faculty which was planned in the framework of this university was activated in early 1389. Currently Takhar university has got Seven faculties and  26 departments. And they are:

1.      Islamic Law faculty which contains departments: lslamic laws, Islamic trainings and Islamic culture.

2.      Agriculture faculty which contains departments: agronomy, economy and livestock.

3.      Education faculty which contains departments: history and geography, mathematics and physic, chemistry and biology and Dari literature.

4.      Language and literature faculty which contains departments:  English, Dari, Pashto and Uzbeki.

5.       Engineering faculty has just one department, civil.

6.      Economics Faculty.

7.      Law & Political Science Faculty.

Currently nearly 7000 students are studying in Takhar University in 1394 and 50% of these students have  been accommodated or paid instead.

Takhar University has 67 professors, among these 59 of them are male and 8 are female and they are graded as follow:

•          PHD degree - two proffessors

•          Master's degree - ten professors

•          Studying for master's degree: nine professors

•          Bachelor's degree: 46 frofessors