History of the Faculty of Law and Political Science

The Faculty of Law and Political Sciences is one of the basic institutions, which always strives to provide the society with expert and experienced legal, judicial, political, and administrative staff; Because the law and political science textbooks that produce labor for judicial and judicial institutions are still political and administrative in the country; Therefore, it requires that teaching and learning in this educational institution be adjusted according to the needs of the time and the values of the society.

Achieving this is not an easy task and has always been accompanied by challenges and problems; Especially now that the discussion of the rule of law and bringing order in the society is considered one of the urgent needs of our society, this mission is strengthened more and more and obligates the law and political science textbooks to educate the young generation about current and future needs. It has taken into consideration judicial and administrative political institutions in order to revive the lost image of judicial institutions and members in the fight against injustice and lack of rule of law, and on the other hand as a scientific and academic institution. , fulfill the mission.

Law and political science textbook of Takhar University, which was established in 2013 within the framework of Takhar University. At the beginning of its establishment, this university began to flourish with the creation of two departments: Justice and Sarnwali and Public Law and International Relations. And in 2013, 115 students actually started their courses through the entrance examination and successfully completed their academic year. Currently, the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences has 8 professors at the master's and bachelor's levels, and one professor at the doctorate level. And 4 professors are in the master's degree, and the academic programs of the faculty are currently carried out by 3 professors.

The duration of study at Takhar University's Faculty of Law and Political Sciences is 4 years. The first two years of the academic course are public and all students follow common courses together. From the beginning of its establishment until 2013, students were generally introduced through entrance exams, and at the beginning of the third year, students were divided into two separate and specialized fields and continued their courses; But since 2014, in the fields of justice, public law, and international relations, students choose their favorite field through the entrance examination.