Objectives of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences

Strategic goals:
Continuing and focusing on the quality of teaching and making it responsive according to the country's needs and market demand.

Providing quality and standardized educational services according to the needs of society.

Development of facilities and facilities to advance scientific research.

Improving the capacity of academic staff and administrative staff and using educational technology.

Equipping the college repair with other necessary facilities.

Strategic goals of law and political science university plan
Scientific and research goals
Strengthening sub-committees at the university level to carry out scientific and research activities.

Activating a department called the rule of law in the framework of the organization of this university.

Establishing international relations and law departments according to the quota.

Signing two memorandums of understanding with the head of courts, the directorate of the justice department, the commander of security, and administrative reforms.

Sending students to legal and judicial institutions for practical work.

Dispatch of masters and doctorate professors.

Goals related to students.
Facilitating the process of preparing and arranging transcripts, diplomas, and confirmation letters for students.

Creating and implementing the HEMIS system in order to promote student registration.

Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the credit system in a quantitative and qualitative manner.

Continuous monitoring and review of how to adapt the curriculum and curriculum.

Holding scientific-research conferences by students every semester.

Strengthening the teaching and learning process for law and political science students in a sustainable manner.

Organizing programs to welcome, inform and encourage outstanding students in the form of semesters.

Creating a consulting office and appointing a guidance teacher according to the credit system bill.

Financial and administrative purposes and equipment.
Equipping the financial committee at the university level.

Compilation of five-year and annual financial plans for the implementation of scientific programs.

Installation of TV and projector in the remaining classes.

Furnishing cupboards and desks for departments and teaching