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Dear professor Najibullah Faiezy son of Safar Mohammad was born in 1987 Ad in Shahmary village, Argo district of Badakhshan province. He passed primary educational in Kabul. Intermediate and higher educational studied in Takhar province and graduate in 2004 ad at first degree from Mula Abdulwadod Shadid high University.

Dean Faiez from 2004 to 2007, continued his studies at the I.A.M institute of optometry with a bachelor’s degree, and served for three months as deputy director of the Kundiz Berg office in Badakhshan province.  He has completed his bachelor's degree in administration and diplomacy from Albironi University Law Faculty and graduated with great position in 2011.  After graduation, he was honored to serve as a lecturer and to promote the scientific level of his students and his nation at the faculty of law of Takhar university on 2012. After two years of teaching in Takhar province a free competition was attracted by the USWDP Kabul university policy and public administration program and defended his thesis on "judicial oversight of administrative affairs" on 22/12/1396.

      During his studies at the I.A.M institute in Kabul.  Professor Faiez continued for a year at the W.I.T institute, and possessed good technological skills to advance administration and teaching.

       He led the Jessup team in 2017 for his knowledge of English at the Takhar University of law, won third place for the University of Takhar, and Professor Najibullah Faiez traveled to the United States with the team at the international competition and traveled to Washington.  January.  Mr.Faiez have visited Ohio and several prestigious U.S.A universities.

      Honorable Najibullah Faiez led the Takhar University of media law team in 2018, leading the team to a national championship, which is a major achievement for Takhar University.

      Honorable Najibullah Faiez, after completing his master's degree at Takhar University, again received the necessary consideration and trust from Takhar university officials for the title of head of the faculty of law at the University of Takhar.  Mr. Faiez published article in national and international also he has published three text book for his department :

  1. Principle of Leadership;
  2. Administrative law 1;
  3. Administrative law 2.

Mr. Faiez is candidate for associated prof. and tries to get his PhD in a prestigious university.